12 August 2007

Graphika Manila

With the purpose of getting a quick dose of the IT Multimedia culture, I went to the Graphika Manila Design Conference yesterday. It was neat.

Quick hihglights:

Caught the HP presentation. For awhile there, I was wondering why Harry Potter would be interested in printers. Although, the presenter reminded me of Hufflepuff.

The MK12 film was also interesting. Although after watching Sin City, A Scanner Darkly and those old Ralph Bakshi movies, it doesn't seem as ground breaking as it should be. The complicatetd shots kind of wowed me but I don't think the audience got it.

Asylum was great. That was the kind of presentation that made me want to get into the creative visual arts. Really. And the great thing was, the guy from Singapore was named Christopher Lee! I was laughing my head off but since I was in a different world, no one got it. Really. I'm talking crickets chirping in the background, here.

Anyway, overall, the whole thing was great. Like I told Tiger, it was fun to be exposed to that subculture, the people and to the art.