29 July 2007

OH MY GOD! Batman: The Dark Knight

I hope I'm still alive Summer 2008 for this! And I do hope it's a simultaneous worldwide release... Philippines included.

Oh and just to give you a teaser, this man just wants the world to burn!

Yep that's still Katie Holmes from the first movie, Batman Begins That's Maggie Gyllenhaal together with Keith Ledger, the new Joker!
It isn't an ad for lipstick, you can't even see Kate's Maggie's lips.

It's not even a scientology weird Philippine Election campaign experiment, this one looks sane, voluntary and logical.

It's sure not a Philippine politician with a constituent, The Joker's just more suave and debonair than a filipino beaurucrat.

It's the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight!

Batman and the Joker, together again. This just brings tears to my eyes...

Click the link to see the trailer.