15 May 2007

Five Feet Flat

Better known as Fivefeetflat over the net, this girl goes with a very diverse list of names - from Toto to Biw to Syobe (screen name not included), she has also rather taken in a handful of job titles as well.

* Full time work drone
* Part time instructor
* Freelance web designer, web developer, graphic artist and/or photographer
* Seasonal couch potato
* On call family driver

Join her in her sleepless moments as she blogs more on life in a 7-day work shift, trying not to breath in taller people's body odor, with a bowl of instant noodles and cubed cheese.

Do check out her pictures, that DSLR of hers really take nice pics of the Philippines and stuff happening all around her. What's up with those pics of fruits and flowers sprinkled sporadically around?

Oh and that image? It's done by uber filipino web comic artist Jonas Diego. She sure is a young hot asian chick in that get up. Rawr.

What can I say about the site? I guess she said it all already. I'm flattened.