24 February 2007

The History of Computer Role-Playing Games

The History of Computer Role-Playing Games Part 1: The Early Years (1980-1983)

Welcome, brave adventurer, to the first of my in-depth feature articles exploring the history of our favorite computer game genre: The Computer Role-Playing Game, or the CRPG. For many avid gamers, the CRPG is the perfect storm of gameplay, story, and strategy. Whether we're talking about a randomized "dungeon crawler" like Rogue or a story-driven game like Betrayal in Krondor, a click-fest like Diablo or a stat-crunching Pool of Radiance, the CRPG has always enjoyed a tremendous appeal.

Well, it really dates me but those were my formative RPG years too... And until now, I roam the fields of imagination although roaming these fields does entail a monthly subscription cost... *sigh*