18 July 2006

Official: Jack the Ripper identified

PRIVATE handwritten notes by the man who led the hunt for Jack the Ripper naming the chief suspect were given to Scotland Yard’s Black Museum yesterday.

Chief Inspector Donald Swanson kept quiet for years but in retirement, frustrated that the murderer had escaped justice, could not resist scribbling notes in the margin of his boss’s memoirs, naming the man that they both believed had become the world’s most famous serial killer.

You think? Honestly, this reminds me of a quest I did in World of Warcraft. It's about th....

Man! I've been spending too much time on Azeroth.

Oh and off-topic, about World of Warcraft? If you're in the US Aman'Thul server, look me up in the Alliance side, Thorsbane, Dwarf Hunter... I'm still in the World of Warcraft happy kind of mode and I don't think I'll get out of it for awhile.