11 May 2006

One step closer to World of Warcraft Philippines

THE NEW joint-venture company formed by the Philippines' IPVG Corp. and Singapore-based regional game distributor iGames Asia Pte Ltd says it is looking beyond the current dominance of online games in the Philippines as it prepares to launch a number of premiere PC titles in the country.

...Gonzalez said they are now reviewing titles from the entire product lineup of iGames in Singapore. iGames Singapore is the regional distributor of game publishers such as Microsoft Game Studios and Vivendi Universal Games; Brittanica.com; and casual games from Boonty. It also launched World of Warcraft in Singapore in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment.

Gonzalez declined to comment on whether the joint-venture company would also bring in World of Warcraft to the Philippines.

Wow! And I mean Wow Philippines! World of Warcraft Philippines!

I do hope that after years of waiting, World of Warcraft Philippines is close to becoming a reality.

In all honesty, I could buy a copy but there isn't any available here in the Philippines at the moment and even if it is, it's too expensive.

Any kind soul out there would want to send me one over? I'd name the character I played after you or any name you choose. Honestly.

I'm so desperate, I'd even use the character of your choice...