29 April 2006

Windows Live Mail Beta

What it is
Fast and simple e-mail that makes it easy to read, send and organize your messages. The “beta” part means it’s a work in progress, so we need your input to make sure it’s built right.
What it gives you
• Previews of your messages you can read without leaving your inbox
• Drag-and-drop organization
• One-click control over junk and scam e-mails
• Right-click power—reply, delete, and forward
• 2 GB of storage (2 GB = 2,000,000,000 bytes)
Well, after getting invited to try the new Yahoo Mail Beta, I got my Windows Live Mail invite. Between the two, I like Windows Live. It's a bit faster than Yahoo Mail but still it's not fast enough.

That being said, I still won't exchange it for GMail.

But then again, can't wait for Live Drive...