12 April 2006


[TRESE: OUR SECRET CONSTELLATION is...] the best work yet from Alamat founder Tan, this moody mini-comic series starts out smart and gets even smarter.
Investigator Alexandra Trese, holder of the supernatural secrets of the city as passed down from her grandfather, helps the local cops by tracking down the magical misdeeds with the help of her wickedly cool bodyguards, adroitly furnished by Baldisimo. The previous issues dealt with catchy ideas like tikbalang in a drag race, but this superlative issues, grisly murders lead to an unexpected interpretation of an iconic figure.
(RUEL DE VERA, Sunday Inquirer
Magazine, April 9, 2006)

That my friends is a panel from the 3rd issue of Trese. One of the Philippines best comic book around. It's out in newstands now but Master Jedi Budjette has made it available online!

If you think that the Philippine Comic Book scene is gone, dude, you are so so wrong. So go click the link and savor the coolness that is Trese.