12 April 2006

The Real Exorcist Story

The novel and film "The Exorcist" were both very popular years ago, and they were partly based on the events which took place nearly fifty years ago. Many of the details were "Hollywood-ized," so in 1993, author Thomas B. Allen released a book called "Possessed". In it he wrote in great detail about the exorcism which took place in 1949.

The story begins with the boy and his family living in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. According to Allen, the boy's aunt had started to teach him how to use a Ouija board.

Soon after, she died. A few nights after her death, the family started to notice strange sounds, first a dripping, and then a scratching sound under the floorboards.

This is too early for Halloween. But for some strange reason, the Holy Week in the Philippines is always the perfect setting for ghost and horror stories...

I saw this featured on the Discovery Channel years ago. And it was already scary for me then...