05 April 2006

Benedict XVI Urges Prayers for Vocations

the Pope
Benedict XVI is appealing to all Catholics to intensify their prayer for vocations for a Church in need of more priests and consecrated persons.

"The priest's mission in the Church is irreplaceable," the Pope wrote in a message for the upcoming World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

"Therefore, despite the fact that in some regions there is a decrease of the clergy, the certainty must never be lost that Christ will continue to inspire men who, as the Apostles, putting all concerns aside, dedicate themselves totally to the celebration of the sacred mysteries, the preaching of the Gospel and pastoral ministry," the Holy Father wrote.

I don't think that the problem of not finding priests is about faith. It's more on the stand of the Catholic Church on some issues (like divorce and safe sex) that are already dated.

Plus the fact that a handful of priests even meddle with how a government runs a country. *uhurm*

(via J-Walk Blog)