12 April 2006

Batasan 6

Today is the 45th day that we, the “Batasan 5” – the prime objects of political persecution by the Macapagal-Arroyo government – have used the conference room of Speaker Jose de Venecia as our sleeping quarters. Since Feb. 27, we have been holed up in the House of Representatives under its protective custody from the threat of illegal arrest (sans warrant from a court of justice) by the Philippine National Police with the sanction of the Department of Justice.

This is getting interesting. Now, if only they can set up a 24 hour webcam and some google ads on their site. Plus integrate it with Text Ads, we'd have Pinoy Big Brother: State Rebel Edition. Think of the revenues!

I could see the ad placements now. Nokia phones for calling people up when they get raided. Canned food for their daily rations. Ummm... soap and shampoo? Beds and Matresses. All the newswires giving their daily roundup. Network TV must be itching to do this. We are looking at real ummm... reality TV.

You think that The GMA (yup, The GMA sounds cooler although we don't call Darth Vader, The Darth Vader. But then again...) would clamp down on this?

Oh and the Voltes V analogy? Well, The GMA I think prefers The Smurfs. You know, it's less violent... check it out:

Ummm... they call themselves the Batsan V, they have the Voltes V analogy but ummm... the title of the blog is Batasan 6, and there are 6 of them. You think one of them is a plant? And I don't mean a Ficus...

Check out short bios of the rebels here and let's see who's the plant:

Satur Ocampo
Joel Virador
Teddy CasiƱo
Ka Paeng Mariano
Liza Maza
Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran

I can't wait for MLQ3's take on this...