15 March 2006

Stars, Clouds, and Portalets...

I've been seeing a lot of police checkpoints all over. It seems someone is pretty paranoid about another rebellion, insurgency, revolution, whatever.

It ain't gonna happen. You know why?

It's just too damn hot to go out and protest.

I mean, how can anyone just stand out in the blazing sun and shout out anti-government slogans. I can't remember but I think EDSA 3 was a dud also because of the weather. I guess there were some wishing to get hit by a water cannon just to cool down.

And this week has been a real brain melter. (I could be immune to this as some people would point out, I have no brain to melt...). Oh and don't mention umbrellas. They're not cool to lug around. They're clunky, get in the way kind of objects that just starts fights when you hit other people with them.

Oh, and don't forget, we need those movie stars and celebrities to attend. I'm talking Viva Hot Babes, Regine Velasquez, and the always present APO Hiking Society (Is Jim Paredes still in the country? If not, GMA can heave a sigh of relief...) I mean, who's going to entertain us while we stand outside. Maybe a Wowowee kind of contest in between would even liven up the whole thing.(Also another reason umbrellas are a no-no, you can't see the show with them in the way...)

Finally, the next time someone organizes this type of thing, please don't forget the portalets. It's hard to do the business when there's no place to do the business. You know what I mean?

In my opinion, a revolution is just an excuse for us to get together, sing songs, dance, and cuss out the latest leader. It's not about making the world right. If it was, then 1986 would have solved that. Remember 1986? We had a song about it then (Di ako papayag...What was the title of that song?) We got to see tanks up close. Food was free and aplenty. We even had a free tour of Malacanang then (plus the freedom to trash the place too).

So, revolution? Maybe next month, when the weather cools down and Jim Paredes comes back.