29 March 2006

A Public Service Announcement

From the info on your site, I think you and your readers might be interested in both the website behind managing our donations, as well as our project itself.

We a non-sectarian, volunteer run, organization, managed from Vancouver, and are closely affiliated with Rotary International. We are creating permanent family placements for abandoned infants in the Philippines – virtually all have led directly to their adoption.

We’re hoping you will mention our program in your blog, and provide a link for some of your interested readers.

Our not-for-profit program, Sister Families Society, has been placing babies with families within the Philippines since startup a year ago. Our mission is to find and facilitate loving homes for abandoned or relinquished infants in their native country. We also provide professional social work counseling and guidance throughout the process.

We are providing regular, educational interview content to a national commercial radio network broadcasting throughout the Philippines. We are also publishing articles in their quarterly magazine to further enrich attitudes towards adoption in the Philippines.

We suggest interested readers go to www.sisterfamilies.givemeaning.com for more information on the program, and how they might chose to support it.

We have chosen www.givemeaning.com as our donation management agency. They are also a not-for-profit, and they ensure that 100% of every donation dollar goes directly to the designated charity.

Please check us out and email me directly with any questions you might have.


Ron MacKenzie