03 February 2006

Willie Revillame chosen as ‘celebrity envoy for tourism’

THE Department of Tourism has designated comedy actor and television host Willie Revillame as the country's "Celebrity Envoy for Tourism" for its Grand Pinoy Homecoming tour program.

I am going to get soooo much flack from this but here goes:

It seems the qualifications for becoming an Envoy for Tourism is to be:
  1. Constantly get penalized for being too vulgar on television
  2. Be accused at least two times of sexual harrasment
  3. Rumored to be banned from a foreign institution for being too rude and abrasive (the operative word here is RUMORED)
  4. Appear to have difficulty in communicating in another language
  5. Help poor Filipino people by giving them a chance to win tons of cash in a game show (of course, this isn't even his money). Although, I do assume he donates to charity. Right?
And he does call people in other countries to help the country. I mean, that counts for something...

Oh well, as a Celebrity Envoy for Tourism, he's going to be a real role model for our country. I guess he's the most qualified. Wouldn't it be grand if we could at least see the shortlist? I wonder who he was up against? Ummmm... any guesses?