17 February 2006

The Sexiest Filipina Bloggers

Tales from a Former Catholic School Girl: Xenia Maria is one of the first few Philippines bloggers who advocated Safe Sex and also the first filipina to pose topless for Boobie-Thon(a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research). (Oh and that's her in the image...)

The Pornographic Sofa: Quel is the first filipina blogger to aggregate pornography(an idea she brewed for her Online Writing Class).

Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t I?
: Hip, irreverent, chummy, and altogether fun, Ina is a living testament to the urban legend that Catholic school girls are water in the kettle steaming with pent-up desire:

These are just some of the top sexy filipina bloggers featured. I might need a whole day just to browse thru all the oodles and oodles of sexy filipinas blogging away...

Oh alright, I was exaggerating but dang, they're more than a handful. Pardon the pun.