15 February 2006

How to Almost Live on Blogging

In his new book, Google Advertising Tools, Harold Davis addresses the company's keyword advertising program, concentrating on how bloggers can manipulate it to their benefit.

In a recent interview with Wired News, Davis shared some tips for aspiring online publishers.
Here's an excerpt:
WN: What do you need to start a profitable blog?

Davis: You should have at least 100 pages of high-quality content in the can. Blogs are good because they keep content fresh, but that's just a small part of it. Good reference material really draws traffic. On a photography site I run, for example, one piece I wrote on how to convert raw digital photos draws more traffic than 99 percent of my other photo pages.

I blog to relieve stress and to post things I think would be useful to me later on. Getting something on the side is more of an incentive for me than anything else.