03 February 2006

Friendster Profile Editor v3.0 (Advanced)

Welcome to the Advanced version of the original (and semi-official) Friendster Profile Editor - a quick & easy CSS code tool to customize your own personal page on Friendster, everyone's favorite social networking site!

1. Change the form values below to suit your personal preferences.
2. Click the "Preview Code"-button to see what your profile will look like with the new CSS codes.
3. Click the "Generate Friendster Code"-button to generate the code.
4. Select and copy the generated code in the large text field at the bottom of the page
5. Paste the code into the text field marked "Advanced users: Personalize your profile with CSS" in the Customize-section of 'My Profile' on Friendster.
6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the Customize-page.
7. Go to 'My Profile' and admire your beautiful new profile (if your changes don't show up immediately, hit Refresh a couple of times or try quitting your browser and then re-loading the page).

This is real useful for those having a hard time customizing their Friendster pages. Actually, this is the way to go in making your Friendster page oh-so-cool looking.

Now, if Blogger can do this too...