28 February 2006

23 Nation Poll: Who Will Lead the World?

A public opinion poll across 23 countries finds that in 20, a majority (17) or a plurality (3) of citizens think it would be mainly positive for Europe to become more influential than the US in world affairs. Currently, Europe is seen as having a mainly positive influence in the world in 22 countries. Among specific major countries, the one most widely viewed as having a positive influence is France—viewed positively in 20 countries. The countries most widely viewed as
having a negative influence are the US (viewed negatively in 15 countries) and Russia (14 countries).
...The only countries where a majority sees this prospect [Europe being the World Leader] as negative are the Philippines (54%), and the US.

Well, that being said, it seems we Filipinos favor the US to lead the world. You think it's because people here know who Brad Pitt who is more than let's say, Jean Reno?

(via J-Walk Blog)