27 January 2006

International Internet Free Day

Why an Internet-Free Day?

- Because it's all too easy to miss out on face-to-face interaction with your family, friends and neighbours.
- Because the net can be addictive, and a day of cold turkey won't hurt.
- Because blogging doesn't provide your daily vitamins and minerals.
- Because you've got RSI coming on in your mouse arm.
- Because we all need time to reflect.
- Because the real world is a wonderful place.
- Because if the mere idea of it enrages you, you definitely need it

Sunday, 30 January 2005, is Internet Free Day. Turn off the PC. Unplug the modem.

Go out. Have a picnic. Dust off that frisbee. It's International Internet Free Day! One day without being connected! Enjoy life! It's going to be gr...Ack! I don't know if I can handle it though...

(via J-Walk Blog)