21 January 2006

Cognitive Dissonance Reduction

I hardly post about other blogs. More so about personal blogs. But Cognitive Dissonance Reduction is different. I just don't know why. This blog has heart. Lots of it.

I mean, looking thru all of Noel Dolan's posts, it seems you see a person going thru ups and downs. You gotta feel for this guy.

Here's a sample:

I met my estranged wife on Friday.

She was customarily late (40 minutes)...

...It was a good exercise for me. I realised that she's still the same person two years later. She was even wearing the same kind of clothes and had her hair in the same style and colour. Nothing about her has changed.

She still talks about all the things she's 'going' to do but never actually does. She dropped out of her distance learning MA in anthropology, she still hasn't written that novel, still hasn't graded from a white belt in Shotokan after almost two years and still hasn't lived and worked abroad.

...All the same I went home later that day and cried over her but this time it was different (again)

If I can only have the courage to write the way he does. I'd be a thousand times a better writer than I am now. He makes it so easy to identify with what he's feeling. It's like he's right beside you telling you his story over a beer.

And all the while, you're rooting for him to overcome and everything. Wishing that all will turn out alright for him.

You rock Noel. You rock.