04 December 2005


"...As a master of what may be termed romantic landscape, Hiroshige deserves his reputation. He is at his best in the presence of a wide expanse of country seen at twilight - the stern outline of volcanic craters set against a luminous sky - broad sheets or long channels of blue water - the silence of winter. Few landscape designs are more striking than that view from a hilltop over a chaos of tumbled snowclad mountains. Wonderful too, is that peep through a grated window of a Yedo suburb by the last light of evening, where the artist's freakish humour has provided a spectator in the person of a fat white cat dozing on the sill. With nature in motion he has little sympathy. Effects of storm at times inspire him, as in the print of the bridge and rain-lashed river - or the amusing cut of the sudden shower that overtakes the imprudent person who has gone out in an open sedan-chair..."

These Japanese Woodblock Prints by Ando Hiroshige are just beautiful. More of these wooden prints when you jump on the link.