23 November 2005

GMA Google bombed

...THE GOOGLE bomb directed at the website of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo spokesperson has been redirected recently to a blog of young Filipinos activists...
The terms in question are listed below with it's english definition and use in taglish (a sentence with mixed english and tagalog words).

pekeng pangulo - (fake president)
Ang Pekeng Pangulo ay pequeno.
The fake president is small

sinungaling (liar)
Saan nanggaling ang sinungaling?
Where did the liar go?

sira-ulo (lunatic or fool but literally it means broken (sira) head (ulo))
Si Raul O! Sira ulo talaga yan!
It's Raul! He's really crazy.

bugaw (pimp)
Bumulakaw ang kinilaw na lugaw ng bugaw
I don't know what that means but it sure rhymes!

bangungot ng bayan (nation's nightmare)
Binunot ang bangungot habang kinukotkot

Now let's all use all those words in one tagalog sentence.

Sinungaling ang pekeng pangulo ng tawagin niya na bugaw at bangungot ng bayan ang sira ulo.
The fake president lied by calling the lunatic a pimp and a nightmare.

Off topic but this one is a classic
Bababa ba?

Going down?
Going down.

Babaha ba?

Is it going to flood?
It'll flood.