23 November 2005

Do we have these laws here in the Philippines?

It's a real slow night.

So, let me tell you what's been bugging me these past few weeks.


Yup. Philippine Laws. I'm not sure if these are already in place but not really followed or that I'm just as ignorant as my dog.

1. A law that stipulates that all income by minors should be put in a bank or trust fund until the minor reaches legal age. We have a lot of parents pushing their kids into showbiz only to use the money for themselves.

2. Minors in showbiz (or any biz) can only work til 4pm.

3. No minors loitering the streets after 8pm. I work nights and at one am, I still see kids selling flowers and whatnots. I guess there is a law about this but not really implemented.

4. Electric companies and Water Companies cannot cut off their services to a home without a court appointed order. This is a long shot.

5. Schools cannot bar students from taking tests or withold any of their services thruout the school year. I have heard stories from officemates how their kids are put to shame during periodical tests when they are asked to leave the room since they haven't paid their tuition. My kids has had close shaves with this one.

Ok. These are just five laws but would do a world of good to a lot of people out there. I mean, with prices soaring and income crashing, government should at least protect us.