16 June 2005

3 face sedition raps for pasting anti-Arroyo posters

"The posters showed the President as Valentina, the nemesis of Darna, a local comic book and movie super heroine. The poster had the words 'President Evil,' and 'The Evil Continues.'

At the bottom of the posters was written: 'Sa Hunyo 30, mamamayan, lumaban ka (On June 30, citizens, fight for your rights)!..

...crime committed by the three fell more appropriately under inciting to sedition since it satisfied a provision-"to inflict an act of hate or revenge"-upon a person in office...."

"Lumaban ka!" just means fight. Don't you love our imaginative reporters.


So now, if I photoshopped an image of GMA to look like Nora Aunor and labelled it "President on Crack" or "The Insanity Continues" and subtitled it, "On June 30, Get her tested!" , it wouldn't be libelous, it would be seditious.