01 May 2005

To Be Filipino

Let's forget the old ones. Here's some to add into it. I was going to copyright it but then again we are talking about to be filipino...

You know you're filipino if

01. Two words: Mengo juice
02. On your wish list, Magic Sing is higher up than the iPod
03. "At the end of the day", "That being said", and "Irregardless" (is that a word?) are always mentioned in your conversation
04. You feel that life was better when the past president was in office ummm... irregardless of who is in office and who was the past president
05. Yahoo Messenger is always on in your office computer. As well as Globe Chikka
06. Your office computer is still running Windows 98 without the updates
07. Load is not heavy. It's costly.
08. You have at least applied once in a Call Center
09. Your coffee drink is Mocha Frappuccino
10. When the government warns that a nearby volcano will erupt you ignore it. When a psychic mentions that an earthquake will happen at 5pm, you panic.
11. You're angry about government corruption but angrier if the cop doesn't accept your bribe and still gives you a ticket
12. Your brand spanking new nose job was done by the beautician in the nearby salon
13. Badminton is your latest sport
14. Your cellphone is more a camera than a phone
15. Your favorite basketball move is the layup
16. U stl use txtspk evn wen chatng
17. The Buzz and Startalk is your source of news
18. Your career goal is to be a caregiver in another country
19. You're idea of an art film is about gay macho dancers or sex starved nymphets
20. You can easily name three of Kris Aquino's ex boyfriends but have a hard time recalling three presidents before Marcos
21. You are either "Kapamilya" or "Kapuso"
22. LBM is your number one excuse for not going to work
23. The local herbologist is more qualified than your doctor in curing you
24. Any unnamed disease or condition is caused by withcraft
25. During funeral wakes, any butterfly, cockroach, or moths present is definitely the spirit of the deceased.
26. Cancer can be cured by magical oil from a crying statue
27. FX is not a movie process, it's a ride
28. It's not acceptable to poke fun on filipinos but it's ok to make fun on balds, blacks, the blind, the deaf, the mentally challenged, etc. etc.
29. You lost because the other person cheated
30. Lance Armstrong? Wasn't he one of the Voltes V?