22 May 2005

Right Thinking Girl: Weekend Survey

I really don't do those surveys like the Friday Thirteen or something. But these questions are just itching to be answered.

1. What is the best way to die?

In your sleep

2. What's the worst way to die?

Seven words; meat grinder, feet first, over the internet

3. What do you hope to hear God say when you reach Heaven?

You were right. I was wrong. Life does suck.

4. True or False: What goes up must come down.

True. Remember MC Hammer?

5. What are you wearing? (That's got to be the cheesiest and most asked question on the net.)

Polo shirt and shorts

6. What songs are you into these days?

John Legend, Anna Nalick, and Rage Against the Machine

7. What are you doing this weekend?


8. Tell RTG readers something about yourself that you want us to know.

I've been drinking more often lately

9. Parker Grace is now 15 weeks old.

My interest in that is 10 seconds.

10. Can you keep a secret?

No. Can you?

11. How often did you work out this week and what did you do?

Didn't work out at all.

12. Tell me an irrational fear that you have.

I have this fear that I suddenly realize that I do not really matter in this world.

13. What's the most important news story this week?

That unnamed piano man they found who doesn't talk.

14. If you could be another person for a day (not a real person, more like a character), who would you be? What's the name, what does this person do and why do you want to be this person?

Darth Vader. The Episode V Darth Vader. The bad mama kicks major ass plus he's got the best pimpin' ride, The Executioner.

15. Tell me a blatant lie.

I am your father.

(via Leaning Towards the Dark Side)