14 May 2005

I Thought I Had a Life, Turns out I Just Talk

So I see a friend sitting at the bar.

Without even batting an eyelash or taking his eye off his beer, he tells me, "Ever had those times when all the sh*t is falling down on you and the one person that can lift you steps on you too?".

"And hello to you too", I say.

"You know the only thing constant in life is yourself?"

Puzzled at the way the conversation is turning, I ask him what's wrong.

"Well, these past three or four days, things keep piling up and piling up. I mean,I don't complain. Never did tell anyone. Just like what you keep harping before, getting on with life 'Yojimbo' style."

All I could muster was an "uhuh".

He continues, "well today was like the sh*tiest of all the sh*tiest days. Everything just tumbles down. And to top it all off, I got told off by someone I rely off on for moral support and stuff..".

"You said off three times in a sentence. You must be up doodoo creek.", I say half smiling. "Anyway, things'll work out.".

"Dude. That kind of answer can get a person killed you know. Things'll work out. Like hell do they ever do?" He says in between ordering a round of beer for the two of us. "And yes I said do twice in a sentence."

Feeling guilty that I wasn't helping at all. I just managed to top my last answer with a worse one.

"Well, maybe it's time to move on then", I say.

He looks at me and raises the mug of beer. "Yeah, it's time to move on."

I raise my bottle at him and take a swig of probably the coldest beer I have ever drunk.