16 March 2005

The word for the day is ambiguous

In the background, a girl is crying to her boyfriend. Begging to be accepted back. Promising to do anything, be anything, say anything as long as he doesn't leave her. The guy simply says that it's over and that the love is gone.

Of course, it's just a local TV soap opera.

Well, my life seems to be one long soap. Conflict stacked upon conflict. Obstacle after obstacle. Problems pouring over problems. It's enough to drive anyone loony.

Come to think of it, I am loonyinsanecrazy.

I hardly talk about personal stuff. Honestly, I don't think anyone cares. And it's presumptious of me if I think that anyone would. Everyone has their own problems. I have this distinct feeling that I keep repeating this whenever I write anything about myself.

Deja vu all over again.

But that soap opera got me thinking. People do like peeking into other people's problems. It puts one's own problems relative to others. So how does my problems compare to others?

I'd say mine is light years away from anyone. Well, not really. I mean I didn't lose everything dear to me. I'm not in a life threatening crisis. I'm not even losing a dear pet to some dog delibitating disease. It's just that my problems have just bonded with depression.

Talk about throwing a molotov cocktail into a barrel of gasoline in a congested neigborhood on a dry arid day during a water shortage.

I'll get over this. I always do.

I think.