08 February 2005

Want to hear stupid in mono?

Hungry and sleepy?

Don't eat glazed donuts and wash it down with coffee.

You'll regret it.


A lot of things has happened over the week. Sassy got plagiarized, Jet got kidnapped, cbs made a prediction, etc etc. A lot of things has happened and it seems I'm that spectator in the middle of it all with my mouth wide open. Everything is passing by me and I don't have the energy to keep moving.

Heck, even the post below doesn't have any comment or anything. It's like I'm all squeezed out of words.

If brains have any warranties, mine skipped the recall announcement. Dang! I feel like a psyched up seventy year old on viagra let loose in an all you can eat burger joint without dentures and has just one sock on. What's the connection? I don't know but that is one funny image isn't it?

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Let's start over again.

Twenty minutes has passed since I wrote that sentence above this. Still nothing has come to mind.

I still don't know what to post.

Oh well, maybe next time.