19 August 2004


I work nights. I go around the city from bar to bar. I meet lots of people. Different kinds. Straight, gay, bi, crooked, innocent, etc.

As I do my rounds, I get to see how love is different from person to person. Let me enumerate:

1. Miss A is pretty, smart and devastated. She works as a GRO in a bar and has a boyfriend she truly loves. She has changed her lifestyle dramatically for him. But pride is the enemy. The boyfriend loves her also but can't accept her for what she is. He can't accept her past and her present.

She is willing to change more but somehow it isn't enough for him. Despite all this, she can't let go.

2. Mr B has a girlfriend in a KTV bar. Recently she quit and changed jobs.

Now she is an escort girl.

Despite this, he loves her so and can't let go. It doesn't matter to him since what is important is that they love each other. She has no choice since she is supporting her family.

They constantly communicate and meet each other. Exchanging "I love yous", planning their future, discussing life.

Except of course when she has to work.

3. Miss C is confused. She doesn't know what to do. She has an admirer who she feels is Mr. Right but is in another country. She has an ex although he never was a boyfriend. And she has an admirer who she hears is a bit skewed psychologically.

She doesn't know who among the three. She feels a connection with one. She is often ignored by the other. And the other one might be a train wreck waiting to happen.

4. Mr D took long to acknowledge that there is love between him and this woman. Seven years ago, they met. They became good friends.

He already had feelings for her but didn't show it.

On the fourth year, she had a boyfriend. He still didn't tell her about how he felt about her.

The boyfriend and the girl got married the next year. And the year after that, they had a child.

At this point, somehow they met and suddenly, they found out that they have loved each other since they met but never got to acknowledge it.

Now they are having an affair.

5. Miss E is a GRO. Every night she goes out with clients. She is not particular. Everything is negotiable as long as the price is right. One thing though, she can't go out of the KTV. Business should be ummm... conducted within the premises. Never outside.

Her boyfriend for two years is madly in love with her and picks her up in the KTV where she works every night.

He doesn't have an inkling about her extra-curricular activities with her clients. He believes that she doesn't fool around with her clients and that he is the only man in her life.

6. Mr. F is engaged. He is to be married by the end of the year. To a very pretty and intelligent woman.

She doesn't know that he is gay.

He has been going out with the manager of a nearby bar for almost a year.

She loves him very much.She has been very vocal on how lucky she is be loved by him.

7. Miss G is a a young and very pretty girl. She also leads a very simple life. She is very friendly and easy to get along with. She is also very innocent. She was raised in the province and only recently moved to the city.

She was recruited by a pimp. Now she works as a high paid prostitute.

Her boyfriend only shows up when he needs money.

All her earnings goes to her family and boyfriend. She maintains that she will be discovered and be in showbiz like her former co-worker who is now part of an all girl group and earning a lot of money.

Her family has a house in the province, her brother has a motorcycle and her boyfriend has the latest cellphone and the coolest clothes. She has the cheapest phone and barely enough money left to buy pre-paid load for her phone.

She's been talking about upping her job since she has to pay for the tuition of the sister of her boyfriend.