21 July 2004

Speaking of old...

Lulu and Gabbi are growing up fast.

Lulu now is into reading books. Roald Dahl seems to be her favorite. She already has finished Matilda and George's Marvelous Medicine. She wants to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but it was out of stock at the time.

And talk about music! She just devours everything Avril Lavigne!

But also, I notice that she and Tess, my wife, are always constantly at odds. It'd be interesting to see them interact with each other as time passes by.

Gabbi is also maturing fast. Probably because of Louella. She's like Lulu Light. But more sensitive. Also she defends her sister all the time. The bond between these two are really tight. She's Miss Organized. But also Miss Forgetful. Confused too.

Maybe, I'll leave her this blog when I pass away.