25 June 2004


So, my birthday is on Sunday, June 27. Now, now, no cheesy greetings. Since I can remember, I never have celebrated my birthday. Even now... Well, actually more so now given my low financ... oops. Getting too personal there.

Anyway, if you two loyal readers out there have noticed, I haven't been updating this blog regularly. It's just that things have gone real busy these days. I mean, it's like my job just got fueled up by some high octane ingredient.

It's so hectic that I haven't chatted with my brother in three weeks. It's so hectic that I haven't played Counterstrike for the same duration. It's so hectic that my characters in Baldur's Gate are still stuck in that danged dungeon!!!

Hope everything dies down in awhile. Even Tess is getting worried I'm stretching myself too thin. Last night, I went home a bit drunk after ten shots of Jagermeister and five beers. Perils of working for On Premise marketing for a wines and spirits company

And if I could add, on Sunday, my birthday, I am the point person for an event since it's in my territory. I have to attend it and take care of it.