19 June 2004


I had a lot of things to post but I've been too busy to do it. And what's worse is, I gorgot most of them now.

Well, not all of them. Some of them are too private to post. Now that the kids regularly check my blog. And I don't want to open up another one for those private moments.

Let me see, what has happened this past week? Hmmm... let me bulletpoint it:

* Went to work on Monday after a week's sick leave.

* Received a voucher from a resort owner for a whole weeks stay in Boracay for FREE! It's just my luck that I went on a week's sick leave that I can't afford to go on leave for awhile.

* I found out that I still have market value! Well, I can't go past that...

* I'm still stuck in a dungeon with a bunch of vampires, skeletons, and mummies in the next room. I keep dying cause, the vampires just attack and turn my.... ooops. Baldur's Gate.