20 May 2004


Vincent, but we call him Bubbles (when he was young, he would disappear like a bubble popped when he did something wrong, nawawala parang bula). We went through rough times together. We were both branded the black sheep. It was just the two of us that stuck together thru thick and thin. He was our official third brother. No matter what happens, we try and find time to see each other, as well as our families.

Anyway, I got a text from him Tuesday night. He wanted to hook up and go out. Well, we did. From 11pm to 4am. Hence the post below. Last night, he texted again, this time we hooked up from 1am to 3am. We had a hell of a good time. Well, I think too much of a good time. With Tess in an out of country meeting. Plus, she's leaving again the next day when she comes back on Friday for another out of country meeting. I guess, this is the time I should be strong.

Anyway, he's one of two of my favorite cousins. Gerald, I guess if he's reading this will be texting (SMS) me in awhile complaining why we didn't text him to join. Anyway, we're getting together again this Friday. Oh, and Gerald, go text.