03 May 2004

Gmail accounts go up for bid

"Google's initial stock offering isn't the only piece of the search engine company that's up for bid.

Beta testers invited by Google to take part in its new free e-mail service also received invitations to give to another person, but many are being auctioned on eBay, so far fetching bids as high as $61...

What?!!! You mean I could have sold those Gmail invitations that I gave out to some friends and family? Oh well, even if I knew beforehand, I wouldn't have done that.

Although, I don't blame some people who would want to buy into the service. I mean, it's is really great. I have forsaken my other accounts and consolidated it all in gmail. Now it's only this and my Myrealbox account. But definitely, I think Gmail is far superior. As for privacy issues, that's a whole lot of baloney.