27 April 2004


I woke up this morning real early since I had a meeting. Although, I waited for the kids to wake up. They seem normal. We played around for awhile and they didn't seem upset or affected from the previous night. I guess they dismissed the fight as "one of those parent things".

Tess left earlier than me. Mondays are usually those meeting days. Although, Gabbi did look worried that Tess wasn't around. "Where's Mama?" , she asked. I answered, "She went to work early". After that she dismissed the issue. Hope they were ok.

Just got home and everything is quiet. I guess Tess and I are in "Q and A" mode for awhile. My sleeping clothes were in the chair and food was on the table. Hope this doesn't last too long.

Thanks for the comments, dudes and dudettes. Maybe, that's what I needed. And a big holler to my brother and Teacher Jet! Thanks a plenty.

Wonder, if I'm slipping towards the dark side of the force. Last night was fear and anger. I won't lead this to hate. Anyway, I'll try and follow the straight and narrow.

Must go to my happy place... Must go to my happy place... Must go to my happy place...