01 April 2004

President forgives Dolphy - Apr. 01, 2004

President forgives Dolphy

"...Pausing for a commercial break, one of the hosts asked as a teaser, 'Susuportahan pa kaya ni Dolphy si FPJ? Abangan sa pagbabalik (Would Dolphy still support FPJ? We'll be right back) ... '

But when the program resumed, it moved on to another story. An Inquirer source on Wednesday said Dolphy's reiterated support for his actor-buddy was edited out...

Don't you like the news at ABS-CBN? If we looked up 'Objective' or 'Unbiased' in the dictionary, it is so obvious you won't see ABS-CBN in it.

I wonder how GMA would react to this. Oh... both GMAs