04 April 2004

MyStack -- Build your stacks here...


"What is MyStack.com?

MyStack.com lets you create 'Stacks' . A stack is a list of links, like a blogroll, and can be inserted into a weblog or webpage.

Unlike ordinary blogrolls, the list of links in a Stack changes. When you create a stack, you tell us what items you want us to stack for you. When the PubSub system finds new items that match your request, your Stack is immediately updated...

I created a Philippine Tidbit stack somewhere on the bottom left side of this page. Let's see how it works out.


It seems it checks out blogs. Well this looks fun. I'll leave it in. The stack is located right below "OTHER BLOGS" on the left. I limited it to 7. If you think I should add, just pop in a comment.


I'm having fun with this service! Let's see how this goes. I just created a stack that'll look for entries about or containing JOLINA MAGDANGAL. Let's see if she's still talked about.

Note: If nothing shows up then Mystacks haven't found anything. And that also means that JM's career is heading towards the rocks... At least Heart Evangelista, (the replacement, methinks), has these: