02 March 2004


by jobert

Out of boredom, a solitary drop of rain jumped from the sky.
"Will any one welcome me?", it thought to itself.
"I wonder if I will make a difference."
As it hurtled downward to the ground. The drop of rain dreamed the dreams a drop of rain usually dreams about.
It fell on a still and quiet lake.
At once, it felt that it belonged. That it was with friends. Unique in itself but part of something. Something wonderful.
It was so happy that it shouted out with joy. Of course, a shout of joy from a drop of rain, sounds like this; "PLOP!".
"PLOP!", it said. And the other drops in the sky heard it. Envious that this particular drop of rain was so happy. They decided to join it.
And all of the drops of rain in the sky, hurled themselves to the ground. Excited. Anticipating.
All of them also felt so happy that they themselves shouted with joy.