07 February 2004


Here's a series of questions. Don't think evidence or probable cause (This is the Philippines, remember?). Just answer it with your gut feel.

A cop is accused of harrasment. You think it's true?

You get held up and the robber gets your cellphone. Will you go to the police station halfway across town to report it?

A drug dealer boasts he's protected by cops. Do you believe him?

A rich person gets kidnapped by persons with powerful weapons. You think they're civilians? Or cops?

You see some suspicious drug activity near your area. You think you'd get some assistance if you call the cops?

A bank robbery. Civilians? Or cops?

Has a cop ever helped you personally?

Have YOU met a bad cop?

These questions just popped in my head a couple of minutes ago. Really sorry if I have offended anyone. I mean, there's nothing really offensive with the questions. Right?