03 February 2004



I had problem with my connection because of my connection! Seems there was nothing wrong with it after all! Yup. Stupid is as stupid does. And to think I used a really really (and I mean really) powerful connection over at PLDT to look into my problem just yesterday.

So what happened?

Well, when we had our floor re-tiled, I had to move the computer out of the way. After a couple of days, I put it back. Except when I was putting the jacks back up, I mistakenly plugged the line jack to the phone jack and vice versa. Never did check that again till this morning when I was bored out my wits.

Going berserk and having withdrawal symptoms for more than a month over something as trivial as that. And I consider myself half an uber geek. I mean, I know my way around computers. This one's for the books, I tell ya. Wonder if this is the same thing as those WMDs over in Iraq.

Funny thing was, PLDT told me that my DSL was cut because of my unpaid bill that was already paid. So I waited and waited. It really doesn't pay to be nice and courteous... and patient.

So excuse me while I really rev up Mozilla Firebird and check out on things I have missing out on.