03 December 2003

My Daughter's Blog

"Papa? How do you post pictures in your blog?", Lulu asked me last Sunday.

With nothing really to do, I showed her. We even demoed one as her post last Sunday. Funny, in the office, it's the Gap logo. Here at home, it's a green face. Anyway, I wrote the HTML code on a piece of paper, gave it to her and forgot about it.

Well, except when I saw monday's post!!!! Not really a typical image a nine year old would be posting, would it?

The Ring. That movie is now Lulu and Gabbi's favorite movie. They kept watching the Japanese version over and over again. Now that they got the english version, they watch one everyday too. I mean, they totally forgot about Spirited Away. And that movie they used to watch about twice a day on weekends.

The Ring. They are attracted to the movie. They not even scared or anything. It's more of fascination about Samara/Sadako and her "power". I wonder if they can power up my lotto ticket.

"Do you know that Samara is the voice of Lilo?", Lulu told me matter-of-factly.
"Yes, Lilo and Stitch. She's the voice of Lilo."