20 December 2003

It's Hemophillia. The answer is Hemophillia

I was at a KTV Tuesday night.

"We're having a beauty contest and we were wondering if you would be one of the judges." , The manager asked me. The contest would be the next night, Wednesday.

Hmmm... the thought of scantilly clad women parading up and down trying to catch my attention kind of piqued my interest. I said yes even before the manager got to finish his sentence. When I heard, "beauty contest", the word "yes" was already being relayed from my brain to my mouth.

"I will be a god unto them. Bow my subservient slaves. For I wield the power to cast who will be Miss KTV!" An image of me standing triumphant while a bevy of nubile nymphets grovelling at my feet flashed and etched itself permanently in my brain.

Well, that was until I got home and checked my email. EB with Jet, Belle, and Ghost will be on the same day!


What to do? What to do? I weighed the choices that I had. One, go to KTV and have GRO's trying to catch my attention. As well as a movie starlet dance almost naked on stage. Or two, go to EB and meet three of the most interesting people I have never met in real life. I almost had an aneurism just thinking about it.

Naturally, I chose the EB. Girls in KTVs would always be there. Judge or not. Aaaargh! If only I had a TARDIS! Then I would have no problem being in two places at one time. I felt I missed a lot calling up and saying no to the KTV.

I was mistaken.

The EB was one of the best times I have had this Christmas season. Funny how there wasn't even an awkward moment between us. Except of course whenever Jet and I would pause for a cigarette break. It was like a normal gathering of friends. We even had exchange gifts. We were talking and talking until it was already way past a normal person's bedtime.

It was great to see ghost and Belle discuss Philippine history. To hear Jet's stories about Singapore. And even think real hard what disease the Romanov's son had. I even got the chance to drivel about how Tess and I got together. It was a meeting that deserved a sequel. The only thing missing was cbs. We were even wondering who he really is and how old he is. Well, Jet seems to have a chance to meet him in person when she visits the USA.

Jet's gift would help me teach Lulu and Gabbi eat the oriental way. Ghost's will help me learn more about the Philippine Revolution. And Belle's would forever be at my desk to give me that extra push of inspiration and motivation whenever I feel I can't go on anymore. But most of all, I went home that night with three more friends that I can be truly proud of knowing and meeting.

I wonder if they're on Friendster?