29 November 2003


"Phototag is a community photography project where we retrofit cheap disposable cameras with shiny new packaging, artwork, instructions and return postage. Each camera is then passed along to friends and strangers with the request that they take one picture and pass it along to someone else. (Phototaggers can also report on their experiences at our website.) Once all the film is used up, the last Phototagger can simply drop the camera in the mailbox--the return address, postage and all the fine folks at the United State Postal Service will handle things from there. When we get the cameras back we'll post the pictures here on the Phototag website so everyone can see."

Wonder if it'll work here. I mean, you're walking down the street then someone takes your picture then gives you the camera. Other's would say, "Cool, I'll continue the trend". But some would think, "Whoa! Free camera."

Seriously though, the project is awesome. One ended up in India from Boston and has been out for 718 days. Really interesting. Too bad the camera only has a limited amount of pictures. Out of the 37 cameras, only seven has returned. One is still unreleased.