22 November 2003


Well, it's almost five in the morning. As I'm typing this, Gabbi is awake and just playing asleep. She would open her eyes and peek at what I'm doing.

She has this habit of placing her pillow against the wall. 'To make it cold', as she puts it. Once it's 'cold' enough she hugs it again. She does it all night long, ASLEEP!!! Try taking her pillow away and she snaps awake.

Gabbi also wants to blog. Thing is, she has to know how to write first. I think I have to give the two kids some writing primers this weekend. As if I know how to write, right? She keeps reminding me not to smoke. But I'm a forgetful person. I try. I really try. I mean, I quit smoking everyday. I just start again every night.

Lulu on the other hand has just discovered short stories on her own. She even found a site that has a cornucopia full of them. It's called "A Selection of Tales". Do check it out. For some reason, her favorite story is "The Fisherman and His Wife". Grounded as she is, I guess that story is much suitable to her personality.

She wakes up early since she has morning classes. What she does though is she wakes up BEFORE the alarm clock and asks for ten more minutes of sleep. Which is about the time the alarm rings.

Lulu also shares my love for music. She listens to artists like Frank Sinatra, Hootie, Bob Marley, REM, U2, Barenaked Ladies, Aerosmith, and (sadly) F4. Everyday, her song collection just keeps growing. The last one I believe is Johnny Cash's version of 'Bridge over Troubled Water' (?!), and Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven'. She can sing too. I just love listening to her singing. Currently, she's into 'Reflections" from the Mulan cartoon (not the Cristina A. version).

Tess, is the enforcer of the family. She keeps them disciplined, clean, studying; You know, mother stuff. We do have fun together though but one look from her and the two just fall in line. Just tonight, Lulu told us the story of "The Fisherman and his Wife". Gabbi, Tess, and I listened. "A family moment", Gabbi exclaimed. I couldn't have said it better.

Tess mentioned that she has a box of Godiva Chocolate Truffles in the fridge. I think I'll have some before the kids eat it all up. Godiva is their favorite brand of chocolate (at least they have taste).

It's five thirty already. Lulu and Tess are sound asleep. I'm blogging. And Gabbi is still awake.

It's Saturday already and we'll probably go to the budget mall (that's what we call Coastal Mall). Lulu and Gabbi and their National Bookstore. Tess with the clothes stores. And me with my DVDs. It's going to be another family moment.