08 November 2003

Caught in the Rye

"The BBC could face legal action from J D Salinger over its decision to dramatise part of The Catcher in the Rye without his permission...A teenage actor, Jacob Zachar, was asked to perform scenes from the book even though no authorisation had been sought from Salinger, who is notoriously protective of his work and has refused permission to portray his novel on film or on stage. ."

Too bad JD still doesn't want to put his wonderful book on film. I don't blame him.

I remember reading a follow up story about Holden when he's gets older. Phoebe is married to a guy Holden hates. He owns a cat. And still is as lost as ever. It was in a Playboy issue (circa 1990 or something). Salinger didn't write it though.

It goes to show that I do read Playboy for the articles.