31 October 2003

DotTK: Another Free Domain Offer

"In order to use your FREEDOMAIN.TK you need to have an existing web page, website or homepage somewhere on the Internet. Your web page needs to be up and running, providing content and reachable by the rest of the world in order for your Dot TK address to refer to it. The website address can be as long as 63 characters. Every Internet user who surfs to your Dot TK address will automatically be directed to the website address you have registered. You can change your website address any time to redirect your users to a different website or web page."

Missed out on the free dotph domain? Didn't live in the Philippines? Well, here's your chance!

Get a Free Domain again!!!!

This time it's so easier since you only need 25 unique hits every 90 days! This has been going on for awhile but I just chanced upon it now.

It even offers free email forwarding.

One thing though, you don't have legal ownership of that domain name. But still...

I think I'll register my daughters domain here.