28 March 2008

Playboy Philippines

MANILA, Philippines -- A Philippine edition of Playboy will debut on newsstands next week, but the traditionally racy magazine will not show frontal nudity, the editor-in-chief said Thursday.

Beting Laygo Dolor said the monthly magazine -- synonymous the world over with centerfolds of bare-breasted women -- will feature "anything under the sun of interest to men," combining the work of investigative journalists and award-winning fiction writers...

...Dolor said Playboy Philippines would feature Filipino women as "playmates" in the centerfold, but won't show full frontal nudity or genitalia because that would run counter to Philippine business and cultural considerations.

"Maybe one nipple," he said.

Wow. Playboy is in the Philippines. Playboy Philippines. Filipina Playboy bunnies. hehehe