07 February 2006

DoJ: Revillame may be liable as show host

Revillame declined to comment on Gonzalez’s statement, saying he needed to talk to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. first. But he told the Inquirer that he was merely the game show’s host.

Ok... let me get this straight, yesterday Willie was all torn up blaming himself for the tragedy. Everyone came to his side and told him it wasn't his fault.

Now that there might be a case he's saying that he's just a host?

Dude, he should have gotten a lawyer from day one. I mean just for advise or something...


This one from the ABS-CBN Website:

Willie even related how he and his staff painstakingly prepared for the anniversary. “Very hands on po ako sa show, pati stage pinakialaman ko kasi concerned ako sa mga nanay na sumasali at umaakyat sa stage. Kasi pamilya ang bawat bisita. Six months naming plinano at pinagisipan ang anniversary na to. Dahil para sa amin sila ang bida, sila ang magcecelebrate.... [I'm very hands on when it comes to the show (Wowowee). I even monitor the progress of the stage since mothers who join the contest has to climb up. I treat them all as family. We planned this anniversary for six months. Because they (the contestants) are the stars of the show, they are the ones who celebrate...]"

Well, so much for six months of planning.

I find it a bit too contradicting to his "I am just merely the game show host" statement. I pity Willie. He doesn't know whether to distance himself from the mess or embrace it. He's caught between upholding his image as a person who truly cares for the poor or just a game show host who gets paid for doing what he's doing. Maybe he should realistically look at the situation. It's really hard if you start believing your own press.

One thing that's been wracking my mind is the other station. They have a similar contest. The prize is the same. But how come I don't hear people praising them as helping the poor as loudly as Wowowee? I mean, they're the top noon show and all. Maybe they need more marketing people...

Or maybe they're just a game show giving away one million pesos...

The C at's right. It all boils down to ad revenue. You can't disguise profit as a charitable practice. It's either you're giving it away freely or you're profiting from giving things away. I remember the show Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko (I love my brethren). Now that's a charity show. Everyday at three pm on channel 7, my grandfather would watch that show. Since we only had one tv set then, I would once in awhile watch with him. I'm not sure now but I think it's still on air. The show is cut and dry, interview people in need and see if they can help thru medical or financial assistance. They didn't have to guess where the winning box, bag, or whatever is. No dancing girls in the background. They didn't have to dance or sing or make a fool of themselves on TV. There was no hulabaloo about it. It's that simple. And it's called CHARITY.

Until now, I remember Rosa Rosal, Orly Mercado and Doctors Picache and Talusan. That show propelled Orly to the Senate, instilled Rosa with countless honors and as for Doctors Talusan and Picache? I don't know.

Maybe they were part of the shortlist of Envoys for the Department of Tourism...