06 November 2005

Chx Sexy Pics Hits

So far, this experiment over hits I'd get from people who want to see pics of Chx from Pinoy Big Brother is going pretty well. (Pinoy Big Brother is the Philippine version of the TV show.) Much more than I expected. And it seems that everyone wants to see pics of Chx Alcala in an inappropriate pose than Cassandra Ponti. I'd even surmise that sexy pictures of girls from the Philippines are at an all time high these days.

My number one post of all time which is so weird is the one about Chowking. It's been accessed more than a thousand times. Now what do you think would happen if I post someting about Pinoy Big Brother Chx Sexy Pics in Chowking? Or Chx gets naked in Chowking? Maybe even a real hot and sexy filipina teen in chowking?

Of course, it isn't true but then again...


Well, seems my popular post is now about about Philippine women of the night. Seems the old business is coming back in a big way.